Getting to know the College

3.1 College Communication
3.2 The 'Bursary'
3.3 The College/Academic Office
3.4 Useful Reuben email contacts
3.5 College 'intranet' (Sharepoint)
3.6 Governing Body

The College Office and Bursary are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and the College Common Room at Linacre is normally open seven days a week. The only exceptions to this are likely to be over Christmas and Easter, and details of arrangements will be posted on noticeboards. All members have 24-hour access to Linacre College premises (via their University card).

3.1 College Communication

College members (academic and staff) will communicate with students primarily via their College email address (general lists or individual email address). Students are expected to check their University email address regularly and key College and University notifications will be sent to this address -  please do activate your College email addresses before you arrive.

3.2 The ‘Bursary’

The BURSAR is responsible for the financial management of the College and the smooth running of its premises and activities. They also carry primary responsibility for managing the College’s property and land, insurances, environmental performance, purchasing and contracting, regulatory compliance, health, safety and security, bar and alcohol license. They can be contacted on

The ACCOUNTANT, Robert Greaney, is responsible for coordinating the College’s accounting function, including budget management, management accounts and forecasts, fund accounting and college investments. Rob can be contacted on

The HEAD OF IT, Alex Wooten, is responsible for managing the college’s ICT infrastructure and resources as it grows, as well as providing general support to all members of the college. Alex can be contacted at

3.3 The College/Academic Office

The SENIOR TUTOR, Caroline Mawson, is responsible for academic activities in the College. She monitors student progress, will authorise progression forms and can provide guidance and practical help. An appointment to see the Senior Tutor can be made by e-mailing

The WELFARE DEAN, Kirren Mahmood, supports students with accessing the most relevant and helpful information, resources and support for any difficulties they come across. She also works with our Welfare Reps, Peer Supporters and Sub Deans to advocate and foster a culture that promotes the wellbeing of our community.

The ACADEMIC ADMINISTRATOR is responsible for all matters concerning on-course student administration, from examinations, to graduation and beyond. They also supports academic and fellowship appointments and inductions, and acts as the disability coordinator. This post is currently vacant. 

The GRADUATE AND ADMISSIONS ADMINISTRATOR, Thea Teasdale is responsible for admissions and access in the college.  She also administers college grants.  

The PRESIDENT’S EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT, Chloe Mak is the Executive Assistant to Professor Lionel Tarassenko and also provides support for college officers. 

The COMMUNICATION & EVENTS OFFICER, Aym Maidment, is responsible for promoting the college and the successes of its fellows and students. They maintain and update the website, run the college's social media channels, publish news items about the college, and assist with running a variety of events.

3.4 Useful Reuben email contacts:

Most University email addresses will take the form of  firstname.secondname@College/

If you are not sure of an email address, a useful search facility can be found on the University’s contact Search pages here (type surname and first initial in the left column)

A few useful Reuben email addresses it may be useful to know:

Accounts office team, accessed by Rob Greaney (Accountant)   As above  Accessed by Reuben’s Bursar  

Accessed by Reuben’s Accountant, Rob Greaney

Currently routed to the Bursar

For all queries concerning Farndon Court  To contact the Farndon Court caretaker, Ray Hall  A useful address for queries. Currently routing to Communications & Events Officer, Aym Maidment

For use by applicants, routed to our admissions administrator Thea Teasdale  For anything (non-domestic) to do with your course College support, exam arrangements, and University paperwork. Routed to Caroline Mawson, Senior Tutor, and Thea Teasdale, Graduate Admissions Administrator  Routed to Communications & Events Officer Aym Maidment. Email about, or with information on, public- facing events and notable achievements that you'd like to share with the rest of the college. Routed to Alex Wooten (IT Manager)  Accessed only by Reuben’s Welfare Dean, Kirren Mahmood

Accessed by Reuben’s Deans, Chrystalina Antonaides and Timothy Clack Accessed by Reuben’s EDI Champion, Katrina Charles Accessed by the Graduate President, currently Elliot Barbeary  For appointments with the President, and related events organization. Routed to the  President’s Executive Assistant, Chloe Mak

For communication with the College’s President, Lionel Tarassenko

Accessed only by Reuben’s Senior Tutor, Caroline Mawson


The College also uses a variety of mail-lists in sending out group messages, with restricted mailing rights: 

For anything you wish to be posted here, email   For anything you wish to be posted here, email

For anything you wish to be posted here, email

3.5 College ‘intranet’ (Sharepoint)

Many College materials are open to public access and can thus be found on the College website.

Other materials are more sensitive, or relevant only to internal groups of Reuben members, and are thus available through the College’s Sharepoint online sites, maintained by Chloe Mak (

The College’s ‘home’ Sharepoint site contains links to various sites accessibility through ‘’single sign on’, including to:

Policies & Resources

These pages include information on college policies e.g. form used by Reuben members to register a complaint, and links to useful University guidance, e.g. on paid work, plagiarism rules, and the recording of lectures

College Committees and Governance

These pages include papers for each College committee (access by committee membership)

3.6 Governing Body

As a Society of the University, Reuben College’s Governing Body, under Council, bears ultimate responsibility for College policies and administration. Student representatives are invited to Governing Body, and to all its subsidiary committees, with only sensitive or personal information held back for reserved meetings. Outside of committee meetings GCR representatives will meet with college officers regularly, and provide a conduit for any arising matters of concern or importance

The Committees of the Governing Body (e.g. Finance, Academic, Domestic) look after specific areas of College administration and submit recommendations to the Governing Body. The student body is represented on all these committees, most of which are chaired by the President and include other Fellows of the College.

A full description for and timetable of Reuben’s committees can be found here (Sharepoint).