Graduate Common Room

The Graduate Common Room (GCR – known in many other colleges as MCR Committee) represents students’ interests and can help you take an active part in enjoying the benefits of College life.

As the representative body for all students at Reuben College, the GCR works to develop and promote opportunities for students to fully engage with the academic, social, sporting, cultural and recreational life of the College. It also represents members in their corporate relations with societies, colleges’ clubs and other bodies across the University of Oxford. The Committee includes the Student Representative Committee, as well as a number of Senior Members and College staff. 

The first cohort in the College will start from October 2021, and so the GCR is yet to be established. All on-course students at Reuben College will be electors to the Graduate Common Room, and elections will take place in stages during Michaelmas and Hilary Terms, for the new officers to take up their functions at the beginning of the next term. A staggered series of elections will allow for the participation of students on taught as well as research courses, and for the transfer of skills and experience between committee members. The composition and breath of the GRC will be agreed in conjunction with student members. The committee will be re-elected annually and would expected to encompass the standard positions (President, Social Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Equality and Diversity Officer, Housing Rep) as well as potentially Reuben-specific posts.  

To assist the College with its planning, a Graduate (Advisory) President, Lauren Bolz, has been appointed to take office from July 2021.  The College will look to its offer-holders in Spring 2021 for election to further key Graduate Common Room positions.  

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Download the GCR Constitution