President's Collections

It is a well-established Oxford tradition for the Head of a College to meet their students individually over the course of a year for a short chat about their progress and experience. This is a tradition known as ‘President’s collections’ (or 'Principal’s collections’ if the Head of House is a Principal). Whilst we keep the best traditions from the other 38 colleges, we also introduce a Reuben flavour, and this will be reflected in the topics discussed in these collections (see below).

President’s Collections will resume on Wednesday 26 April, Trinity Term. Book your place here


Discussion topics: 

Since starting at Reuben College in October 2022/2023:

1)  What have you most enjoyed about being a student of Reuben College? 

2)  If there was one thing that you could change about the college, what would it be?

3)  What is it that you enjoy the most in Oxford, outside of your studies?


Message from Lionel Tarassenko, College President:  

Given that meetings will be relatively short, you will be expected to attend your meeting on time. Even a 5-minute delay would necessarily shorten your time together. Ahead of our meeting, you will be sent details of your appointment as well as a reminder of the request for the pre-meeting email with your answers to the above questions: two or three sentences on each topic would be fine.


Whilst of course I hope to see more of each of you in other settings (for example, at Dinner with Dinosaurs, Formal Hall or Farndon Court brunch), I look forward to this opportunity. Although President’s Collections are formal meetings, there is no need to wear a gown.