Reuben Explores

Reuben Explores is our bi-weekly Monday evening session where we cover topics important to our graduate students. These range from skills workshops and research-focused sessions, to equality & diversity events and debates on what it means for our college to be interdisciplinary. 

Please note that Reuben Explores events are open to Reuben students and their guests only. It is not intended for the wider University unless invited as a student's guest.

Previous Reuben Explores sessions have included:

  • An Introduction to Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Oxford
  • Managing Stress
  • More Productive Study and Research: Tools and Strategies
  • Career Planning
  • Equality & Difference - Uncomfortable Oxford Tour
  • Preparing for Exams

Find more information about upcoming Reuben Explores evenings on our Termcard.

Have a suggestion for a Reuben Explores evening? Contact the Academic Office.