Prospective students

We’re delighted that you are considering selecting Reuben as your college of choice while studying for your postgraduate degree at Oxford.

As Oxford’s newest college, we have set out to make Reuben College a scholarly home that is both distinctive and dynamic – offering an experience that is rooted in Oxford tradition, yet unbounded by its conventions. As a member of the first cohort of students, you will have a unique opportunity to help shape this experience and inform the development of the Reuben College ethos for generations of students to come.

We are particularly seeking students who will embrace opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange, engage in research that addresses the big questions of the 21st century, and thrive within a diverse and intellectually stimulating community. If this sounds like you, please find out more about why you should join us and how to apply from the links below.

Prospective applicants may like to view the videos from a recent online event that we held for 2021 Offer Holders. These videos explain some of the key features of academic and social life at Reuben College, and offer broader insights into the overall college experience at Oxford University. Please click the links below to watch these videos on our YouTube channel.


2022 applicants, please note:

Reuben College has welcomed this October its first graduate cohort of over 100 students, from 47 different countries. They have joined a growing College Fellowship, which will soon include the first batch of Research Fellows. With the weekly “Dinner with Dinosaurs” in the University Museum of Natural History a highlight, the College is already a vibrant and active community. 
Unfortunately, further issues, mostly (but not exclusively) to do with the asbestos abatement programme in our heritage buildings, mean that we will not be able to occupy these buildings, which are co-located with the Radcliffe Science Library and the Museums’ Collections Teaching and Research Centre, in time for the 2022-23 academic year. Whilst this is undoubtedly a disappointment for Reuben College, we recognize that such delays are not uncommon in the complex refurbishment of heritage buildings. We are confident that College life for our graduate students in 2022-23 will be as exciting and stimulating as it is for our initial cohort this academic year (2021-22). We are pleased to announce that Linacre College will be extending its partnership with Reuben College, for which we are enormously grateful to the Principal and Fellows of Linacre.

Professor Lionel Tarassenko CBE FREng FMedSci

October 2021