Environmental Change

This research cluster brings together researchers working on many aspects of the drivers and impacts of, and responses to, environmental change. The breadth of this theme covers research ranging from the institutional, social and behavioural drivers of biodiversity loss and climate change; earth system changes (physical, biological and social); and responses to these changes, including human relationships to their environment, international policy processes, and behavioural and technological innovations.

Within the Environmental Change theme, it is vital that our students and visitors are representative of the communities who will both be most affected by, and most able to make a difference to, environmental change (both climate change and the ongoing loss of nature). We are keen to encourage and facilitate research that is done collaboratively with those who are working to find solutions on the ground (whether they are indigenous groups, NGOs, businesses or governments). We intend to foster an active community of researchers and students from across all four academic divisions who have interests in environmental change.