farndon court

Reuben College currently has one accommodation site, Farndon Court. Farndon Court is an apartment block which has 96 single bedrooms and two accessible bedrooms, clustered in a variety of patterns.

Single accommodation will be offered to full-time graduates who have paid their accommodation deposit. With the exception of the accessible rooms, accommodation is allocated on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. If the demand for accommodation exceeds the number of rooms available, a waiting list will be kept. If the deadline for your academic conditions is after 31st July please get in touch with us.

Handbook for Farndon Court 2022/23


A link to the accommodation form will be provided to you, either with your formal offer letter or in a separate email. In the form, you will be asked if you wish to request single accommodation through the college and, if so, your accommodation preferences. Details of the various accommodation bands are provided below. We do our best to accommodate as many graduate freshers as possible and we try to align our offers with students’ preferences. However, please be aware that if you are offered accommodation, it may not match your first preference.

Processing responses can take a few weeks at peak times; responses will be handled in the order the forms are electronically submitted, with the exception of students who have accessibility or health needs. As accommodation is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, we recommend that you complete your Accommodation Form as soon as possible.

If you have questions regarding special requirements for accommodation please contact the Accommodation Officer, in the first instance.


Farndon Court is located north of the city centre of Oxford at 133 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HW. It's about a 15 minute walk away from both the city centre and Reuben College's main site on Parks Road.

Farndon Court and Reuben College map

Oxford is a small, compact city. Much of the centre of the city is pedestrianised, and most students and residents choose to travel by bicycle or on foot. There are also buses that serve the city for those who wish to travel further afield. You can find more information about living in Oxford here.

There is a bus stop minutes away from Farndon Court, which goes to the city centre.  The following buses serve this bus stop (from the city centre):

6 to Wolvercote
S2 Gold to Carterton
S3 to Chipping Norton or Charlbury
300 Park & Ride to Pear Tree Park & Ride

Many students choose to bring a bicycle, and there is cycle parking is available at Farndon Court. If you are bringing a bicycle, you must also bring a good set of lights, as these are compulsory by strictly enforced law when travelling after dark, and a secure lock. There are many bicycle shops in Oxford which sell new and second-hand bicycles.

Please note that due to the small size of Oxford, very few departments are more than a few minutes cycle ride away, or a short walk. Departments are mainly located in the centre of the city, and college and university accommodation is not on a ‘campus’ but instead interspersed with other buildings found in many city centres such as shops, residential housing and parks.

There are many cafes, restaurants and grocery shops near Farndon Court.  There is a pub, ‘The Anchor’, and a small grocery/deli shop nearby.  There are more shops, restaurants and cafes in Jericho (included in the list of ‘101 Best Places to Live in Britain’ in 2019 by The Sunday Times) and North Parade, all about 5-10 mins walk away.  The city centre and Summertown (north of Farndon Court) are about 17 minutes’ walk.  For those who love green spaces, Port Meadow is a stone’s throw away from Farndon Court, a beautiful area for a long countryside jog or walk.


The College anticipates having 96 rooms available to offer to single graduates. The accommodation block has five floors. There is a comprehensive CCTV monitoring system, a lift and access is via an electronic card swipe system. A caretaker resides on-site for urgent maintenance support.  

The rooms are divided into the following bands:

A Large studio bedroom 1 £927.52
B Studio bedrooms or largest of the bedrooms sharing a kitchen and washroom with one other resident 12 £880.09
C Large bedroom sharing a washroom and kitchen with one other resident 8 £853.74
D Standard bedroom sharing a washroom and kitchen with one other resident 27 £827.39
E Large bedrooms sharing washrooms and a kitchen with seven other residents 12 £737.80
F Standard bedrooms sharing washrooms and a kitchen with seven other residents 21 £711.45
G Standard (single bed) bedrooms sharing washrooms and a kitchen with seven other residents 3 £690.37
H Small (single bed) bedrooms sharing washrooms and a kitchen with seven other residents 12 £579.50


Bathrooms in the accommodation block have a toilet, sink and shower. The 8-bed clusters have separate shower room, and a separate toilet and sink. Bedrooms in the 8-bed cluster flats have a built-in sink in each room. The first, second and third floors have two common rooms each. (NB: The building also has a ground floor and fourth floor).

The accessible rooms are reserved for students with special access requirements and, if so required, are priced at band E and F.

All bedrooms are at a minimum furnished with the following furniture:

  • Queen or Single sized bed
  • Desk
  • Desk Chair
  • Chest of drawers
  • Desk lamp
  • Mattress and mattress protector
  • Waste bin
  • Pin board

Kitchens are furnished with the following:

  • Oven and hob
  • Fridge with freezer compartment (cluster rooms will have separate fridge and freezer)
  • Kettle
  • Microwave.

Communal areas will have sofas, coffee tables, dining table and chairs.

Residents are expected to provide their own bedding (including duvet and pillow), kitchen utensils and crockery/cutlery. Parking on the site is very limited, if you require a parking space, please let the Admissions and Graduate Administrator know by emailing, including why you would need to bring a car to Oxford.

Other amenities provided in the building:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pay-As-You-Go laundry
  • Bike rack
  • Communal garden

Contract cleaners will clean the communal areas such as the common room along with the kitchen and washrooms within the 8 bedroom clusters. Students are responsible for their own washing up. Students in studio rooms and 2 bedroom flats are responsible for cleaning all areas within their own flat.

The college provides shared cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, ironing boards, buckets and mops for use by the students. Students will have to provide their own cleaning supplies.

Students are responsible for the removal of all rubbish to the outside bins. Recycling bins are available for both general recycling and food waste.

Students with Partners and Families

Regrettably, Reuben College currently does not have accommodation suitable for couples and graduates with children. Graduate freshers who will be coming to Oxford with a partner or family are recommended to contact the University’s Graduate Accommodation Office (see below) for help finding either University or other accommodation.

Students with Special Needs and/or Disabilities

The College welcomes students with disabilities. There are two accessible flats within Farndon Court, which are available to students with special access and/or health requirements. To discuss any requirements in relation to your accommodation, please contact


Tenancy agreements are for 40 weeks or 44 weeks. Contracts start from 14:00 on 26 September 2022 to 10am on 3 July 2023 (for 40 weeks) or 10am on 31 July (for 44 weeks). Arrival the week before 26 September 2022 is possible, with pro-rata rent charged for the days until 26 September 2022. Requests for arrival any earlier in September by students whose courses or orientations start early will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Requests can be made on the Accommodation Acceptance Form. In exceptional circumstances, contracts may be extended during the summer vacation depending on availability and approval from the College. The rent will be payable monthly in advance at the beginning of each month. Payment can be made either by Standing Order or card payment through the College’s online Payment Platform.

If your start date is on or after the 15th of the month, the rent up until the end of that month, and the following month’s rent, will be due in advance. There is also a deposit system.

Whilst some students may find there are vacancies just before the start of a new academic year, most graduates who are continuing beyond their first year are advised to apply for University Accommodation or seek private accommodation during Hilary Term of their first year for the following academic year.

You can find a sample tenancy agreement here.

Farndon Court Surrender Policy

Residency Requirements for Graduate Students

Please note that it is a requirement of the University for full-time graduates to live no more than 25 miles from the city centre. Most graduates who are new to the city choose to live in College or University-owned accommodation as part of a welcoming graduate community.


The University’s Graduate Accommodation Office is responsible for the letting and management of University-owned Graduate Accommodation. They have various sites and properties throughout Oxford, ranging from study bedrooms to purpose-built sites housing singles, couples and families.

Reuben College currently does not have accommodation suitable for couples and graduates with children. Graduate freshers who will be coming to Oxford with a partner or family may wish to contact the University’s Graduate Accommodation Office for help finding accommodation. The University’s Graduate Accommodation Office allocates its accommodation on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications should be made as far in advance of the start of the academic year as possible, as the accommodation they have available tends to become fully booked very quickly.

The University Graduate Accommodation Office can be contacted as follows:

Office Address: 6 Worcester Street, Oxford OX1 2BX
Telephone: 01865 280923

If you have any further queries concerning your offer, accommodation and life at Reuben, please contact the Graduate and Admissions Administrator at For all queries concerning Farndon Court facilities To contact the Farndon Court caretaker, Ray Hall If you have any issues with your WiFi at Farndon Court

Oxford Security Services cover all urgent issues that arise between 16:00 and 08:00 on weekdays, all weekends, and when the caretaker is on leave. Their contact numbers are 01865 751605 and 07709984797.