Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Reuben College recognises the importance of equality and diversity in advancing intellectual endeavours. As a new college, we are building a community of people and practice that has diversity at the heart, for students and staff, for our academic and applied endeavours. We will be embedding and advancing equal rights as we tackle the big challenges in our academic research and as we build our College community. This gives our students both the opportunity and the shared responsibility to shape the culture and ethos of our community. 

We are keenly aware that work on the protection and advancement of equality of opportunity is never truly complete. We are appointing College champions for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), and as appropriate for the support of specific protected characteristics, to guide and support all members of our College community where issues arise. We are proactive in our approach, embedding best practice from across the University, including adopting the University’s common framework for supporting disabled students, from ensuring accessible facilities to support at strategic and day-to-day levels.

The Oxford-Reuben Graduate Scholarship Programme contributes to our EDI goals through eligibility criteria which include awarding full scholarships to students from under-represented backgrounds. For our inaugural cohort arriving in 2021, we have committed to award up to eight scholarships for students who meet these criteria, including up to four awards postgraduate research (PGR) awards for students who have participated in Oxford’s UNIQ+ programme

Through every one of its committees, events, procedures and practices, the growing community of Reuben College demonstrates an environment in which everyone can take advantage of the unique opportunities that living, working and studying in Oxford bring, whatever their background. We hope that, as our community grows, all members continue to work towards ensuring equity of opportunity for each individual, without exception.

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