Funding your studies

Please note that all scholarships for 2022-23 have now been allocated. This page will be updated with information for 2023-24 scholarships in due course.

Oxford-Reuben Graduate Scholarships

An exceptional opportunity to enable you to study your passion, live your dream, and transform the future.

We are committed to building a strong portfolio of funding opportunities to support Reuben College students in their graduate studies. This includes full scholarships, and for on-course students, small grants to support fieldwork, conference participation, or other costs incurred on your course.

Reuben College and the University of Oxford will offer a number of Oxford-Reuben Graduate scholarships for students starting in October 2022. The scholarships cover full course fees and maintenance for the duration of the course for selected students.

To be eligible, students must usually apply in the University November or January gathered fields, and for a course for which Reuben College admits graduate students. All Oxford-Reuben scholarships will cover full fees and maintenance (normally at the level of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) minimum doctoral stipend).

All eligible candidates will automatically be considered for these scholarships, with no need to provide further information to either the College or University, and regardless of which college (if any) is stated as a preference on the graduate application form. However, successful candidates will be transferred to Reuben College in order to take up the scholarship, as these scholarships are only tenable at Reuben College.

Reuben College is committed to a target of offering at least 50% of its scholarships to students from under-represented groups and is supporting the University’s Academic Futures scholarships.

Overall, in recruiting to these scholarships, Reuben hopes to be either fully or partly contributing towards the full on course funding of 30 students 2022-3, 25 % of its full-time student cohort, with at least 50% of these for students from under-represented backgrounds.

Funding advice and resources

The University offers excellent advisory services for your financial needs, as well as a wide range of sources of financial assistance.