Why Reuben?

The collegiate system is a fundamental part of the Oxford experience, and provides each student with a “home” beyond their departmental affiliation.

Every Oxford college offers something a little different to its students. So, why might you choose to join us?

  • Pave the way – As one of the first students of Reuben College, you will have a unique opportunity to shape the culture and ethos of our community. Your experiences of and contributions to life at the College will set precedents for the future and pave the way for graduate students in the years to follow.
  • Collaborate across disciplines – Much of college life will focus on facilitating and harnessing the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration in academic study. If you enjoy sharing knowledge, exploring alternative perspectives, and learning from others in areas outside your own intellectual realm, then you will flourish in the Reuben College environment.
  • Thrive in a diverse, inclusive and supportive community – We are committed to creating a community that operates with mutual respect and understanding, where individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged and supported to reach their potential.
  • Benefit from bespoke programmes of intellectual activity, academic support, and professional guidance – With the principles of collaboration and entrepreneurialism at our heart, we offer a simulating interdisciplinary environment, with the space, facilities and services to support students in their studies and prepare for their future careers.

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