College Policies

Reuben’s Governing Legislation can be found online here

Members of the College are subject to the Proctors' regulations concerning the conduct of student members of the University. The University Student Handbook, issued by the Proctors' Office, can be found online here.

Members of the College are also subject to a variety of College rules, either under the University umbrella, or as agreed through Reuben’s Governing Body (see Section 3.4)

All students should familiarize themselves with college policies, noting the Codes of Conduct they have signed up to in becoming a member of the College, and the rights and duties they hold by virtue of College membership. These include 

Reuben College Social Media Policy

Reuben Equality Policy

College Complaints Procedure

Policy on the Prevention of Staff Student Relationships

College Guidance on Confidentiality in student health and welfare

Policy on the Possession, Supply and Production of Drugs

College Policy on Freedom of Speech

College Policy and Procedure on Harassment

College Disciplinary Procedures

Please note: the use of illegal drugs, harassment, sexual harassment and violence are never acceptable.

Your Responsibilities

You are required to comply with College rules on:

  1. matters including, but not limited to, behaviour, IT usage, conduct, data protection and academic studies. You will find details of the rules relating to these matters in this handbook and on the Reuben webpages.
  2. fees and other charges being paid when they are due. You are responsible for any non-payment even if your fees are being paid by a third party. The College will collect course fees and transmit them to the University for all students other than those from the SBS. For more details contact the Bursary (
  3. obtaining an appropriate visa if necessary and abiding by any visa conditions,    including maximum permitted working hours and the types of work allowed. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary sanctions in addition to any legal consequences. Support and information are available from Student Information and here.

4.   social distancing, hygiene, travel and self-isolation restrictions, testing and tracing, the wearing of face masks / face coverings in specified zones and any other health and safety measures which the College deems necessary. You acknowledge your understanding that these requirements are based on the University’s Coronavirus guidelines, formed in consultation with Public Health England and local scientific expertise. These guidelines can be found here: and may be updated periodically to reflect changes in the public health situation and scientific advice. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disciplinary sanctions in addition to any legal consequences.