9.1 Mail & Contact Details
9.2 IT
9.3 Cycling
9.4 Safety and Security
9.5 Emergency Procedures
9.6 Smoke Free Law
9.7 Families

9.1 Mail and Contact Details

All students living in Farndon Court should use Farndon Court as their main address. For students not living in Farndon Court, please use your residential address for post and deliveries.  For university business, all students should use the college address which is [Your Name (Reuben College)], c/o Linacre College.

‘Pigeon holes’ at Farndon Court are situated on the ground floor. Pigeon holes at Linacre College are behind the Reception Office, where any mail delivered by the University Messenger Service will be placed. To gain access to the pigeon holes at Linacre College, you will need your University Card to get through the security door. Mail internal to the University (e.g. to other departments colleges etc) can be posted (without charge) in the internal mail box outside the Reception Office at Linacre College. For external mail, please ensure that you have the correct postage on it.  Please note that the University’s internal mail service is for post only, not for books or gowns etc.  

It is important for students to keep their contact details updated, including any change of address in Oxford or their permanent home address, and provide a mobile phone number which will work in the UK and which they have access at all times.  Students can update their contact details using the Student Self-Service.   When students are away for Oxford for a longer period of time, please ensure that you leave a forwarding address and inform the Academic Office ( if you are to be out of Oxford for any period longer than two weeks. There is no formal necessity to obtain University permission to be away from Oxford at any time although you should be aware of formal residence requirements (see Section 7.5).

Addresses and telephone numbers are confidential to the College unless students indicate otherwise. In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act you will have given consent for the College to use confidential information in appropriate circumstances by signing the University Contract.

The College maintains databases containing addresses of current and old members. Before leaving Oxford it is important to notify the College of your new address. Mail will only be forwarded for one month after departure.

9.2 IT

Information about IT facilities at the university can be found on the IT Services’ website.  All students are bound by University Regulations on computing use and should make themselves aware of what these regulations do and do not allow. Breaking the rules for network usage may lead to disconnection from the network as well as disciplinary action.

Note the College's Social Media Policy. Reuben values and protects freedom of expression; at the same time, the College does not tolerate posts that are offensive or derogatory relating to sex, gender reassignment, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion/belief or age, and nor does it tolerate posts that are meant to hurt, offend or denigrate an individual or are illegal under British law.

All members with a Reuben affiliation on their University card are entitled to an email account and address of the form This account should be created automatically when your card is issued and activation details sent to you. If you have any queries regarding email please contact the IT Services helpdesk  or 01865 612345.

Linacre College has a number of computers for members to use. Computer desks, as well as clear desks, in the Library, the OC Tanner Study Area, and the Abraham Study Area can be booked using your Oxford University email here. There are also colour and mono laser printing and scanning facilities. Printing is charged at 5p per page and 7.5p for a double-sided sheet (exclusive of VAT). In addition there are network ports available for personally owned computers to be connected to the Linacre network. 

Details of how to connect personal computers to the Linacre wired network can be found here. Alternatively, you can email or telephone the IT Office on 01865 271659.

Wireless access is provided via the University OWL and Eduroam services in all areas. See the University IT Sevices pages here.

Reuben's IT Manager is Alex Wooten, and he can be reached at  

 9.3 Cycling

Cycling is the most convenient means of getting around the city but because bicycle theft is rife in Oxford you are strongly advised to follow the University’s guidance on security. 

It is strongly recommended that you take out insurance against theft and register your bicycle with University Security via the Lodge. All bicycles must be registered in the book provided in the Lodge. A sheltered bicycle store exists under the main steps into College. Access is via your University Card. 

Please do not leave your bicycles overnight at Linacre College. 

 9.4 Safety and security

There is no wish to cause alarm or anxiety to any students but it is important to be aware that unpleasant incidents can occur and it is in your own interest to be careful. Any person(s) acting suspiciously or strangers should be reported to Reception at Linacre or to the Reuben Bursar during office hours (09.00 – 16.00 hrs Mon/Fri) or the duty Porter at Linacre out of office hours. The lodge at Linacre is a 24-hour manned operation and has direct communication to University Security Services throughout the day and night. If you need any assistance regarding your safety then please do contact the Lodge on 01865 270650.

For more serious incidents you can phone Oxford University Security Services (OUSS) Control Room (24/7) on 01865 (2)89999 for assistance.

Wherever your accommodation, keep your room locked and make sure that external doors to residential areas are locked. Do not let anyone follow into a residential area ('tailgating') unless you know them personally. On the Linacre site, if someone you don't know is a Linacre or Reuben student, they will have their own card. If they are a guest of a Linacre or Reuben student, they can phone their host to let them in. If you are asked to use your own card or to phone your host, consider it a compliment: it means that the person speaking to you values your safety and security. Keep valuable items out of sight from the window. In common with most major cities, theft in Oxford can occur.

In the unlikely event that you ever do experience any physical danger by harassment or an attempted attack, it is most important that you inform the Welfare Dean or other college staff of the incident as soon as possible.

Reuben’s Health and Safety Officer is the Bursar, to whom all incidents involving health or safety should be reported and advice and suggestions offered.

9.5 Emergency Procedures

In the event of a serious accident or emergency summon the Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service or Police by dialling 999. This number can be dialled from all telephones including those on the University network. Immediately after calling the emergency services and during normal office hours please inform Linacre reception (01865 271650), who can inform key members of Reuben staff, or the Farndon Court Caretaker.

Outside office hours the duty Porter at Linacre should be notified (01865 271650), who again will contact key Reuben staff.

The fire alarms in at Linacre College building (i.e. Reuben Common Room) are tested at 12 noon every Monday. At any other time it is the duty of every member of College to respond promptly and to vacate any Reuben or Linare College property when fire alarms sound continuously, assembling immediately at the designated Fire Assembly Point. Failure to comply may result in a fine from the College’s Dean.

9.6 Smoke Free Law

It is against the law in England to smoke in all 'enclosed' and 'substantially enclosed' public places and workplaces – this includes all College buildings, both at Reuben and Linacre. You are respectfully requested to avoid smoking immediately outside the main College entrance at Linacre on the raised terrace and use the Designated Smoking Areas signposted around the building. This policy applies to all College members, service users, customers and visitors, and to ‘cigarette replacements’ (Replacement cigarettes include, but are not limited to E-cigarettes, personal vaporizers (PVs), and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and battery operated devices that mimic tobacco smoking.) A copy of the Linacre policy is available here .

9.7 Families

Reuben welcomes children in most parts of the college and at most events. At Linacre, high chairs are provided in the dining hall, and College members are welcome to bring children for lunches and ordinary dinners.  Formal dining (Wednesdays) and dining at the Natural History Museum (Thursdays) in term time, are not usually appropriate events for children, unless otherwise advertised.