Katrien Devolder


Katrien Devolder is Professor of Applied Ethics and Director of Public Philosophy the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, and the Reuben College 'Ethics and Values' co-lead. Her work lies in applied ethics. She has published two monographs – one on compromise positions in the embryonic stem cell debate (OUP, 2015) and one on the ethics of human cloning (Leuven University Press, 2001).

She has also published numerous papers on ethical issues pertaining to the treatment of sex offenders, genetic selection and gene editing (both in humans and in livestock), gamete donation, life extension, compromising in bioethical debate, animal ethics, conscientious objection, and euthanasia at prisoners’ requests. Her most recent work focuses on the concept and ethics of laziness.

She also produces (conducts, films and edits) interviews with academics to make complex ethical debates accessible to a wide audience. The interviews can be viewed on YouTube's 'The Practical Ethics Channel' or listened to on Apple Podcasts ('Thinking Out Loud').