Kostas Margellos receives Gold Teaching Award

A Gold Teaching Award has been presented to Reuben Fellow Kostas Margellos following nominations from Oxford Engineering students. 

Over 100 nominations were received by the Excellence in Teaching and Citizenship Committee at the University of Oxford Engineering Department. Nine awards in total were presented to the academics and teaching staff at a virtual Faculty ‘Away-Day’ in July, with three Honourable Mentions. The Awards were given in three categories: Gold, for outstanding contributions and teaching quality; Silver, for outstanding contributions or teaching quality; and Bronze, for excellent contributions or teaching quality. 

Kostas also received a Gold award last year, the first year in which the Excellence in Teaching Awards were established. He said, "I'm honoured to receive this award from the students, and proud to be part of a department that shows such commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in teaching."

Speaking about what he intends to bring to the experience of Reuben College students, Kostas added, “My main research focus is on applying computational tools generated by Artificial Intelligence to investigate and model how human behaviours emerge or adapt in large scale, interconnected systems, such as energy and transport. I’m really looking forward to developing workshops and seminars with Reuben College graduate students to introduce them to these computational tools and explore how they can be applied to address a range of contemporary challenges.”