Sami Adnan


Sami is a healthcare professional and digital health designer currently reading for a DPhil in Primary Health Care at the University of Oxford. His research looks at the characteristics and mechanisms of using human centred AI design to address multiple long-term conditions (multimorbidities) at the intersection of the digital transformation in healthcare. Previously, he worked as a Research Fellow at the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité University Hospital Berlin with the Core Interoperability Unit. Prior to that he worked as a Healthcare Researcher with the WHO and the Medical Faculty of Maastricht University, on a project related to SDG 3 – resulting in the WHO Community Engagement Health Promotion Guide. With his background in healthcare and digital health, his areas of research interests are in medical AI Ethics, explainable AI, health design innovation, patient data privacy, digital health regulation, and the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare systems. Sami has researched on 3D printing for personalised medicine and has recently developed the Healthcare Differential Privacy Framework to make privacy-preserving data sharing viable for medical research and machine learning. Sami has also worked at Apple Inc. for 8 years in different roles ranging from sales and product development to training new employees and designing company-internal solutions.