Saher Hasnain


Saher is a researcher at the Food Systems Transformation Programme with the University of Oxford's Environmental Change Institute. Trained as an environmental scientist and geographer, she has worked on food geography, urban environmental health, and the impacts of infrastructure and fuel disruptions on urban communities. With the Environmental Change Institute, she works on an interdisciplinary portfolio of projects focused on food systems and foresight analysis. She is the Education Coordinator for Oxford with the Interdisciplinary Food Systems Teaching and Learning (IFSTAL) programme. She is also on a Sprint project in NERC's Agile Initiative around mapping nutrient flows (a collaborative effort between ECI's Food Group and Engineering Science) and with the Food Standards Agency and the University of York on exploring various elements of the UK's food system.

Saher holds degrees from the University of Oxford (DPhil in Environmental Sciences and Geography), University of Pennsylvania, USA (MSc in Environmental Studies/Environmental Health), and Bahria University, Pakistan (BSc in Environmental and Earth sciences). She has also worked with Pakistan's National Energy Conservation Center (ENERCON), now the National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA).

She is keen on science fiction, speculative futures and fiction, creative writing, strategy and futures based video games and game development, and drawing tiny folding zines. She can be found walking around Oxford looking for mosses and flowers growing out of unlikely places.