Katarina Vukosavljevic


I am a first-year Health Data Science DPhil student the Big Data Institute. Before starting my DPhil, I have obtained a MEng in Engineering Science from Oxford. Throughout the degree, I became interested in biomedical engineering as well as the application of machine and deep learning in healthcare. In my final year, I worked with Oxford Martin School's AGENDA team on designing a preliminary screening tool for epilepsy. I focused on developing a neural network for IED detection to aid the epilepsy diagnostic process in low- and middle-income countries. Through internships in academia and industry, I have also gained experience in areas such as NLP, Computer Vision, and Software Engineering.

Currently, I am most interested in early disease diagnostics and will start working on my DPhil project this September, right after I complete my training year as part of the EPSRC funded Health Data Science CDT. When I am not working, you will probably find me doing fun things with my friends. I also like to spend my free time running, painting, or playing the flute!