Angeliki Kerasidou


Angeliki Kerasidou is Nuffield Department of Public Health (NDPH) Senior Fellow at the Ethox Centre and a Research Fellow at the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, University of Oxford. She studied theology and philosophy in Greece, Germany and the UK, and received her DPhil in 2009 from Oxford University.

Angeliki’s research focuses on ethical issues that arise from the introduction of new technologies to, and the effect of socio-economic changes, on biomedical research and clinical practice. Using philosophical analysis and empirical research, she is examining the ways in which these factors impact on the theory and the practice of professional ethics for biomedical researchers and healthcare staff.

In her current project, Angeliki is investigating the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) in population health. She is particularly interested in the ways in which AI’s ability for greater accuracy and efficiency can impact on trust, both relational and epistemic. For example, she is investigating the relationship between accuracy, efficiency and trust in the use of AI tools that rely on surveillance data. She is also researching how AI could disrupt the understanding and practice of traditional healthcare values of empathy and compassion, at an individual and systemic level. She is leading an international collaboration exploring how to build empathetic healthcare systems, including the role of AI in such efforts.

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