Insights Festival 2022

insights festival

Reuben’s first year has been an exciting and busy one, and we're ending on a high note by celebrating the many and varied achievements of our community. The first Reuben College Insights Festival will be held on Saturday 2nd July at Maison Française. Starting mid-afternoon with a panel discussion on ‘What does the future hold for humanity?’, we’ll then spend a long afternoon at our Research Fair, celebrating the academic brilliance and creativity of our community, and enjoying crepes, ice creams, and garden games.

Get involved

Can you paint a poster showing the inner workings of a cell? Do you want to dress up as Shakespeare and recite your thesis in the style of Macbeth? Build a working hydroelectric power plant out of lego? Show how a neural network functions through modern dance? If you can imagine it, we want to see it!

Our Research Fair is similar to a Poster Presentation, but how you present your work is up to you! You can stick to a more traditional poster (or, if you fancy, an avant-garde poster…), or get creative - embroider graphs! Sculpt your research subject out of polymer clay! Transform your abstract into a piece of performance poetry!

As this is our first year accepting students, we know that you may not have finished a full research project, especially if you’re still at the start of your DPhil. That’s okay! We’re here to share ideas and concepts that you’ve been working on. 

All Reuben College students and fellows are invited to sign up - express your interest using this form, and email with any questions or suggestions. Please sign up by Monday 13th June.

Keen to get involved, but stuck for ideas? Come along to the Monday night Reuben Explores session on Monday 6th June and some of our Research Fellows will be on hand to help you generate ideas!


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