Reuben-GLAM Seminar: The sense of nature

(Please note that this event was originally due to be held on 23 June, but has been postponed due to Covid restrictions anticipated at the time.)

Living organisms have evolved a suite of structural and functional adaptations that enable them to cope with environmental stress. This Reuben-GLAM seminar will examine these from the molecular to the macroscopic level, using plant collections at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. 

How have plants have adapted to life on and under the water, and how do they cope with flooding? Dr Chris Thorogood, Deputy Director and Head of Science at the Oxford Botanic Garden, and Professor Emily Flashman, from the Department of Chemistry and Reuben College, will dive into this aquatic conundrum with living examples. 

During the course of the seminar, Chris and Emily will examine specifically how living collections can inspire interdisciplinary research. Along the way, they will highlight the astonishing potential for natural form to inspire technology: for example, find out how a carnivorous pitcher plant can inform ink-jet printing technology! 

This event will take place outdoors at the Oxford Botanic Garden, and so is weather dependent. Social distancing measures will be in place as required.

Numbers are extremely limited. Registration in advance is required to attend.

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The Reuben-GLAM Seminar Series is a newly launched series of events that aim to generate conversations among academics and librarians, curators, and artists to highlight the research and engagement potential of the University’s extraordinary collections held across its gardens, libraries and museums.

Our first event in the series is "Immortal Visualisations" on 21st May, via Zoom.