How not to let a global pandemic derail a just, green transition

An online panel discussion among investors, activists, scientists and entrepreneurs, jointly organised by Reuben College with the Smith School for Enterprise and Environment

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In countries, cities, commerce and communities across the world there are innovative efforts to mobilise the global economy towards a zero-carbon and environmentally sustainable economic future. Rising numbers of successful eco-entrepreneurs show that it is possible for businesses to flourish in economically sound, socially responsible and environmentally friendly ways. And recent years have seen a surge in youth movements for climate justice, bringing promise to energise efforts around the transition to a green economy.

However, despite the growing evidence of public desire for a “green economy”, change has been frustratingly slow, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic threatening progress further. Governments are focussed on stimulating their economies again after lockdowns across the world, but how do we ensure that decisions are made to work for the long term? How do we make a green transition in a way that works for everyone? What form of leadership is required to drive the kind of change we need? And what role can universities play in seeking solutions?

This event provides a forum to explore a range of pressing questions and innovative initiatives around efforts to tackle environmental crises in a way that increases prosperity and reduces economic and social inequalities.

Discussion panel includes:

Chair: Charmian Love, Co-Founder and Chair of B Lab UK; Social Entrepreneur in Residence at the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

Kaya Axelsson, Net Zero Policy Engagement Fellow, University of Oxford; former Vice-President of the Oxford Student Union

Leandro Baumgarten, Lead Scientist (Brazil), The Nature Conservancy

Catherine Bryan, Trustee and former CEO, Synchronicity Earth

Arunma Oteh, former Treasurer of the World Bank; Executive-in-Residence at Saïd Business School 

With an introduction by Fredi Otto, Official Fellow (Environmental Change), and closing remarks by Cameron Hepburn, Director of the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment, and Laurence Wainwright, MSc Course Director at the Smith School


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