Welcoming new members to Reuben

We're very pleased to offer a warm welcome to new staff members and Official Fellows at Reuben College.

Professor Nina Hallowell and Dr Jonathan Pugh join us as Official Fellows in our Ethics & Values theme, with both sharing strong interests in a diverse range of topics that will strengthen the development of interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative approaches to research within the college community. 

Nina Hallowell

Nina is a medical sociologist with a longstanding interest in bioethics. Her research focuses upon the social and ethical impact of technological innovations upon individuals, families and society; particularly the introduction of DNA testing in various clinical and research contexts. Nina explains why she is excited to be joining Reuben College:

"It was the interdisciplinary nature of Reuben College's vision that really appealed to me, and within that the focus on ethics and values and public engagement. The college is creating an environment which encourages its students and fellows to ask, and potentially answer, some of the most important questions of our time, and I feel privileged to have been elected to the fellowship. I am most looking forward to meeting and working with all the new and interesting people at Reuben, and excited about being based in the Radcliffe Science Library, which is my one of my favourite places in Oxford as it is right next to the swifts and the dinosaurs."

Jonathan Pugh

Jonathan's research interests lie primarily in issues concerning personal autonomy in practical ethics, particularly topics pertaining to informed consent. He is passionate about engaging beyond academia to share and exchange knowledge with the public on challenging ethical issues.

He said of his appointment to Reuben College: "I am excited to learn from an academic community that is so committed to interdisciplinary engagement with the ethical questions raised by scientific and technological advances."


We have also recently welcomed two new staff members to our administrative team, who play the vital role of keeping the college functioning, efficient and organised. Chloe Mak joined us in April 2021, as Executive Assistant to the College President, and Rachel Cook joined in May 2021 as Deputy College Accountant.

In the near future, we will be continuing to grow our community with a number of early career fellowships to be announced shortly. These opportunities will be actively promoted to all eligible University of Oxford members when they become available.


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