Now recruiting up to 22 Official Fellows

We have just published an advertisement to recruit up to 22 Official Fellows of Parks College. These posts will lead to the formation of our first Governing Body, and successful candidates will play a key role in developing the college's culture and policies

All college fellows are expected to be active members of the community, who are committed to addressing the big questions of the 21st century through interdisciplinary, innovative research and engagement. Together the college’s fellows will foster the culture of interdisciplinary exchange by organising regular college events that catalyse them, such as seminars, workshops, and reading groups.

This advertisement is part of a phased recruitment process for college fellows, so that we can gradually build the foundations for the college's intellectual life, and prepare for the arrival of our first graduate intake, in October 2021.

The application deadline is 28 January 2020.

View our Vacancies page for further information.