Covid: How we learned to treat it, then beat it

Tess Lambe is mentioned in a "gripping dispatch" by Dr Chris van Tulleken about the front line of a battle that humanity can't afford to lose. He writes:

"The sequence of the Covid-19 genome was published in January 2020 — astoundingly fast. This meant that by early February, Professor Teresa Lambe and the team in Oxford (working with AstraZeneca), along with other scientists around the world, were already designing the vaccines many of us have now had.

"As Teresa explained when we interviewed her, the vaccines licensed in the UK are gene-based, which means they don’t need a sample of the virus to start testing and manufacturing: they just need the genetic code, which can be sent in an email. (This massively speeds up the development process as there’s no need to culture live virus.)"

See the full article in The Daily Mail (22/2/2021)