AI Conversations with Professor David Clifton

Video interviews offer insights into AI, Machine Learning and their applications for healthcare

We’re pleased to offer a trio of videos on our YouTube channel, in which David Clifton, Professor of Clinical and Machine Learning, speaks to the directors of Oxford Computer Consultants, who have sponsored his fellowship at Reuben College. 

David’s research focuses on "AI in healthcare", sometimes known as Clinical AI, and exists at the interface between machine learning and health informatics. He was interviewed separately by John Boyle and Kaz Librowski to make these three videos, which share insights into the fast-developing  field of artificial intelligence and its potential future developments. 

Oxford Computer Consultants (OCC) is an Oxford-based software company, which was founded in 1989 with a commitment to develop software that makes a useful contribution to society. Examples of products they have developed include the OCC MarketPlace, which helps people identify good quality, affordable services based on up-to-date information and ContrOCC, which allows local governments’ social care finance teams to manage contracts, budgets and payments. They also create and evolve custom software with a focus on making health and social care improvements, such as the QCovid Calculator, which can be used to assess a person’s risk of being hospitalised or dying from Covid-19, and Poseidon, which models sustainable and responsible approaches to identify fisheries management solutions.

In sponsoring David’s fellowship, the OCC are helping Reuben College extend links into professional practice and business expertise, while creating mutual learning opportunities and supporting career development initiatives for our students.

John Boyle, OCC co-founder and managing director, added:

“I am also the Chairman of The Oxford Trust whose mission is to encourage the pursuit of science and enterprise. Creating a vibrant network of academic, industrial and educational leaders is my personal goal and our association with Reuben College will strengthen that network”.

The College is grateful for this support and looking forward to developing the relationship with OCC over the coming years.

The video interviews can be watched via the links below:

Prof David Clifton introduces the basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


AI Challenges and Opportunities


AI in Health and Social Care