Christmas Should Be 'Postponed' to Avoid Record Number of Americans Dying

Peter Drobac is among the experts consulted by Newsweek about the risks of winter festivities spreading the Coronavirus and causing a surge of hospitalisations and preventable deaths.

Drobac told Newsweek that Thanksgiving travel and parties "poured gasoline on the fire" of the pandemic. "If we don't find safer ways to celebrate the upcoming holidays," he said, "more people will die. It's that simple."

He explained that this wasn't about cancelling Christmas but about celebrating differently, and advised, "Gather outdoors if you can, and on zoom if you can't. Have a second celebration in the spring, when it's safer. Doesn't a May Thanksgiving barbecue sound wonderful? How about a New Year's Eve bonfire on the summer solstice?"

In an earlier article by Newsweek, Drobac compared the devastation to that of the September 11 attacks, when 2,977 were killed. "We might be experiencing 9/11 a day by Christmas," he said.