Grants for Academic Related Activities

All Reuben students may claim up to £225 per annum for academic-related support while within fee-paying liability. This includes conference support, language or other academic courses, and/or relevant expenses. Any unclaimed amount can be carried-over to the following year whilst a student is within fee-paying liability at Reuben. For example, a DPhil student can claim up to £225 in their first year. If they only claim £125 in the first year, that leaves £100 to be carried forwards. This is added to their £225 allocation in their second year and allows them to claim up to £325 over two years. They can carry forward any unclaimed amount to their third year in the same way and add it to their per annum allocation of £225.

Those entering their second year of studies at Reuben in October 2022 will receive a £275 ‘top-up’ to their 2022-23 academic-related fund allowance (i.e. a total sum of £500 allowance for that year).  This ‘top-up’ would be given for 2022-23 only, but students eligible could roll over any unspent monies from that year into the next. 

Grants will be dispersed by accounts following application and assessment. Most awards will require sign-off from the College Advisor and/or, if unavailable, the Senior Tutor. Part-time students are eligible for the same funding on a pro-rata basis.

Subject to not exceeding the per annum cap, the following expenditure can normally be agreed without requiring Graduate Finance Committee review:

Grants supporting Conference attendance
Applicants All on-course graduate students within fee liability.

Conference presentation support or other applications for support where a small grant would help to achieve your academic aims.

(You may apply for registration fees if the conference is online.)

Quantity Outside review by Graduate Finance Committee, conference grants are limited to £120 for a UK event or £300 for an overseas event.
Clarifications Authorization required from College Advisor and/or Senior Tutor.
Applications Academic Support Fund
Grants for Fast-Track Modern Language Courses and support towards other courses offered through the Language Centre
Applicants All on-course graduate students within fee liability. For support towards Fast-Track Courses, students must demonstrate that the language course is relevant to their studies.
Purpose The University’s Language Centre offers teaching across 11 modern languages and Academic English - from intensive short courses to in-depth year-long programmes, from daytime to evening, online and in person. You can choose from a variety of modern languages including Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Modern Greek, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. If English isn’t your first language, the Academic English courses can help you improve your academic writing and communication - building your skills and increasing your confidence.

The College may refund up to half the Fast Track course fees on completion of the course at the end of  Trinity Term (  

  • Support may also be given torwards other language courses, including English Language Tutorials, Academic English courses, and other General, Academic and Intensive courses.  

Fast-Track support:

  • Students may apply once for Language funding for a single Fast Track course during their time at Reuben.
  • Requires Senior Tutor (and/or College Advisor) to authorise at the beginning of the academic year (see partial reimbursement form at )
  • Payment to be made in Trinity Term upon receipt of certificate of completion.

Fast track support:

Submit reimbursement application form to Senior Tutor at the start of Michaelmas Term; retain the form and submit this together with Certificate of successful completion in 5th week of Trinity Term. If the certificate cannot be obtained by this date, please submit the reimbursement form with a note to this effect, and then submit the Certificate when obtained.


For other language courses see application form.

Grants for Thesis Printing and Binding
Applicants All on-course graduate students within fee liability.
Purpose Thesis printing and binding – upon submission of Thesis (or Dissertation).
Quantity Max of £95. Up to 100% of costs.
Clarifications Authorization required from College Advisor or Senior Tutor.
Applications Academic Support Fund



Writing-up grants

Applicants DPhil students who have achieved confirmation of status, are in the first or second year beyond fee liability, and are within two terms of their expected date of submission.
Purpose Applicants must demonstrate why they need funding, this is not an automatic grant.
Quantity A small number of Writing-Up Bursaries (up to £350 per term each)
Clarifications Authorization required by college advisor and/or Senior Tutor
Applications Academic Support Fund


For grants other than those outlined above, Graduate Finance Committee will consider applications within a termly gathered field Monday Week 6.

Please note: The College will not normally provide support for fees for strictly academic or professional qualifications, or towards the costs of course or fieldwork (for which do enquire with your department as appropriate), but applications may include requests for support for the purchase of IT equipment and accessories, and/or other research expenses where a case for academic need is made.