Some frequently-used (and misused!) Oxford words:

Battels: Members' Bursary accounts for food, rents, etc. Known as your Personal Credit Account at Reuben.
Full Term: The eight weeks of the formal academic term.
Noughth Week: The week before full term commences.
In Residence: On course and in Oxford.
Bursary: The accounts and administrative office.
Composition Fee: Tuition fees charged by the University.
Leave to Supplicate: Formal permission to take degree, i.e. the 'pass' statement.
Viva: Oral examination.
Going Down: Leaving.
Rustication: Sent out of residence (suspended).
Matriculation: Formal admission to the University.
Sub-fusc: Formal academic dress.
Council Tax: Local property tax.
Domus: Literally 'house': usually used in the context of having special privileges or rights.
Proctor: The senior members of the University responsible for discipline, control of examinations, etc. of junior members.
Governing Body: Comprises the Fellowship of the College plus student representatives.
Encaenia: Annual University honorary degree ceremony.
Gaudy: Celebratory reunion of old members.
In Absentia: In the absence of the person concerned.
Fellow: Senior member of the University who has been elected to a College Fellowship and thus to membership of the Governing Body.
In statu pupillari: Having student status.
Torpids/Eights: Rowing races in Hilary and Trinity terms.
Common Room: The organisation of College members responsible for recreational facilities, social and sporting events.
Dean: Senior member of College responsible for discipline.