Example academic programme

A key aim of Reuben College is to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration, inspiring new projects, proposals or solutions that might otherwise not be discovered. Students and researchers will be able to suggest many of the topics and activities that they would like to explore over the academic year, and the College will seek to provide the facilities and support to make them happen.

Our students will come from different countries, backgrounds and disciplines, with different approaches to science and different interests to cultivate. The academic programme is designed to raise questions that are often best answered at the intersections of expertise. It will include a diverse range of creative and innovative opportunities that will enthuse and challenge students to think differently, engage widely, and hone new skills for a successful career whatever its direction.

For example, a cross-cutting academic topic could be: 

Affordable medicines in the 21st century - Problems and potential solutions, from A to B (AI to Biology)

Some of the initiatives developed to explore this over the course of the academic year might include:

Networking event:

An afternoon of presentations with Oxford-based SMEs in drug discovery


Seminar series:

A range of academic seminars on related topics from different areas of expertise, e.g. drug development, AI in therapeutics, antimicrobial challenges


Film night:

Film screenings and discussions on science and fiction


Outreach activity:

An interactive showcase in collaboration with the Oxford Botanical Gardens' medicinal collection


Dragon's Den:

Team up with a partner and pitch your solutions to the challenge



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