Reuben College COVID-19 Guidelines

The College has agreed the following high-level College guidance. If you have any concerns or feedback on the below, please do email

1. At all times the College will comply with University guidelines, as updated on a regular basis.

University Covid-related information can be found here. Comprehensive University information on testing, vaccinations and health and health and safety measures is available here.

2. In addition, at a college level, on college premises and at college events:

Face coverings should be worn when moving around any public areas. As of December 10th, all College members are now asked to wear a face covering when in any public areas of the College (both Reuben and Linacre areas).

To put colleagues at ease, if someone close continues to wear their face mask, you are encouraged to take the opportunity to ask if they would like you to do the same.

3. The College has put in place the following measures:

  • Events that can be recorded or livestreamed, including the Reuben lectures, will  be available to access remotely, and live online participation facilitated
  • Attendance at events  can be traced through the Inkpath booking app
  • LFTs are available for students either at Farndon Court (for residents there) or South Lodge, and students are being strongly encouraged  to self-test twice a week
  • All college areas will display University signage on space and social distancing 
  • At Linacre, the Dining Hall capacity will be reduced to 40 people for both lunch and dinner service. Lunch service will be extended to allow for the reduced capacity, served 12:00 – 2:00pm. Hot choices will continue to be available but provided on disposal tableware. Takeaway food will remain available for collection and the Buttery will remain stocked.
  • Room capacity limits will be reinstated in all shared spaces (35 in the Reuben Common Room). The number of people using the Library, Study Rooms and Gym is low, so for the moment use of these spaces remains unchanged.
  • Various maintenance and housekeeping teams may increase frequency of cleaning and fogging. Please cooperate with our teams, again both at Linacre and Reuben, to enable them to carry out their duties.
  • All colleges have been asked to cancel events scheduled to be held on college premises, including parties and social gatherings (with thanks to the GCR committee for anticipating this).
  • All staff will be working from home where possible, unless there is an operational need to be on site.

No student or Fellow should feel obliged to attend any physical event when they would feel uncomfortable doing so.

4. Farndon Court Residents 

Staff will wear masks if they need to enter accommodation areas. Residents are not expected to wear masks unless they are self-isolating and need to access a common area (e.g. kitchen) in which case they are strongly encouraged to do so. You can find more information about local support and facilities in our self-isolation guide.

Residents who are required to self-isolate and fail to do so may be reported to the Dean.